posterior sacroiliac ligaments

pos·te·ri·or sa·cro·il·i·ac lig·a·ments

the heavy fibrous bands that pass from the ilium to the sacrum posterior to the sacroiliac joint.
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The complete zone 3 sacral fracture acts as though there has been disruption of the anterior and posterior sacroiliac ligaments. This rare type of anterior-posterior compression pelvic ring injury is described by Bellabarba et al.
The long and short posterior sacroiliac ligaments, the interosseous ligaments within the sacroiliac joints and the sacrotuberous ligaments all resist forces leading to vertical translation between the ilia and the sacrum.
Additional posterior support is provided by the anterior and posterior sacroiliac ligaments, along with the iliolumbar ligaments, which connect the transverse processes of the L5 vertebral body to the iliac crest.
Moreover, both the tortuous union of the auricular surfaces (i.e., the area forming the synovial joint) and the unique morphologic features created by the anterior and posterior sacroiliac ligaments, but chiefly by the stout interosseous ligaments, stabilize the joint by strictly limiting planar (gliding) movement [36,38].
Additionally, the MRI revealed a disruption of the anterior sacroiliac ligaments on the left side and no affection of the posterior sacroiliac ligaments, the sacrotuberal and sacrospinal ligaments (Figures 1(c) and 1(d)).

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