posterior part

pos·te·ri·or part

the posterior portion of the anterior commissure of the brain.
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and he extended what appeared to be a bundle of tentacles from the posterior part of his head.
Richardson has remarked, with the posterior part of their bodies rather wide and with the skin on their flanks rather full, to the so-called flying squirrels; and flying squirrels have their limbs and even the base of the tail united by a broad expanse of skin, which serves as a parachute and allows them to glide through the air to an astonishing distance from tree to tree.
Association 1 consists of the posterior part of a skull roof including the nuchal plate and partly preserved paranuchal (mostly left one) and central plates (Muz.
The posterior part of the circle was completed in 30 (22.
In the open procedure, the approach is from the (either medial or lateral) side, not touching the--for dancers so delicate--direct posterior part of the hindfoot, whereas in the endoscopic procedure the approach is more concentrated on the direct posterior part of the hindfoot.
From the sagittal position, there was a cortically based lesion with clear osseous margin at the posterior part of tibia with a mixed high signal on proton density (PD) sequence and a low signal on T1WI at the front of it [Figure 1]c.
First, the anterior part of the muscle group was brought together, followed by the posterior part (Figure 5).
A dilated bladder with a thickened wall and a markedly dilated posterior urethra are the most common sonographic findings in case of children with PUV, while a dilated posterior urethra with a filling defect in the posterior part of urethra are the commonest voiding cystourethrographic findings.
In contrast, the membranous interventricular septum is thin and fibrous, and is located at the upper posterior part of the interventricular septum, separating the aortic vestibule from the lower part of the right atrium and upper part of the right ventricle.
Upon further investigations using CT imaging, we found a blocked blood vessel in the posterior part of Mohamed's brain," explained Dr Yassir Osman, consultant neurologist, adding:"He was then taken to the Neuroangiography Suite where he underwent an emergency clot removal procedure performed by a neuro-interventionist.
For anterior location duct incision and sialodochoplasty was performed while stones in posterior part of duct and gland parenchyma were treated by gland removal.

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