posterior part

pos·te·ri·or part

the posterior portion of the anterior commissure of the brain.
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and he extended what appeared to be a bundle of tentacles from the posterior part of his head.
Richardson has remarked, with the posterior part of their bodies rather wide and with the skin on their flanks rather full, to the so-called flying squirrels; and flying squirrels have their limbs and even the base of the tail united by a broad expanse of skin, which serves as a parachute and allows them to glide through the air to an astonishing distance from tree to tree.
Lesions in the posterior part of tongue are more likely to present with clinical features than anterior tongue lesions.
Ornamentation comprising fine commarginal lines, in the posterior part these lines are rippling.
Epigynal field as long as wide in its posterior part, bell-shaped, with a number of small muscle sigilla marginally, without slit sense organs (Fig.
In the posterior part of the body, anterior of the cloaca, a row of 8 fans was observed as the following, 1th 0.
In human beings, it is produced in the pineal gland, which is located in the posterior part of the third ventricle of the brain.
A tester's hand was placed on the anterior region of the subject's glenohumeral joint and the other hand was used to place an inclinometer on the distal, posterior part of the forearm.
On magnetic resonance imaging, a mass with a size of 3 x 4 x 4 cm which also had a cystic component was observed in the posterior part of the 4th ventricle (vermian location).
Oarfish fans noted with excitement that the male was missing some of the posterior part of its body, colloquially known as the tail.
Trilobatiform and cuneiform scales in area 1 are displaced; these cannot be the anteriormost scales in the squamation of thelodonts and instead should belong either to the more posterior part of the body or fins.

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