posterior neuropore

cau·dal neu·ro·pore

the temporary opening at the extreme caudal end of the neural tube in early embryos; closes at approximately the 25th somite stage (that is, at about 27 days) in humans.
Synonym(s): posterior neuropore
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Myelomeningocele is a sacculation of the meninx and spinal cord through a vertebral defect that develops because of a closure defect of the posterior neuropore, which is the latest phase of neurulation in the third and fourth weeks of gestation.
Spina bifida in curly tail mice (ct-/ct-) results from a defective closure of the posterior neuropore, which forms the caudal region of the neural tube.
Spina bifida with rachischisis occurs when the posterior neuropore of the neural tube fails to close during week 4 of development.
Until complete fusion of the neural plate, the cranial and caudal ends of neural tube communicate with the amniotic cavity through anterior and posterior neuropores. Closure of cranial neuropore occurs at about 25th day (8-20 somite stage) whereas the posterior neuropore closes at about 28th day (25 somite stage).

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