posterior meniscofemoral ligament

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pos·te·ri·or me·nis·co·fem·o·ral lig·a·ment

the band that passes posterior to the posterior cruciate ligament extending between the medial condyle of the femur and the posterior crus of the lateral meniscus.


Heinrich A., German anatomist and gynecologist, 1739-1808.
nerve of Wrisberg
Wrisberg cartilage - a small, nonarticulating rod of elastic cartilage. Synonym(s): cuneiform cartilage
Wrisberg ganglia - parasympathetic ganglia of the cardiac plexus. Synonym(s): cardiac ganglia
Wrisberg lesion
Wrisberg ligament - the band that passes posterior to the posterior cruciate ligament. Synonym(s): posterior meniscofemoral ligament
Wrisberg nerve - Synonym(s): medial brachial cutaneous nerve; nervus intermedius
Wrisberg tubercle - a rounded eminence on the posterior part of the aryepiglottic fold. Synonym(s): cuneiform tubercle
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Close to its posterior attachment it gives off a small band of fibres (fasciculus), hnown as the posterior meniscofemoral ligament, or the ligament of Wrisberg, passing upward and medially to insert into the medial condyle of the femur, immediately behind the attachment of the posterior cruciate ligament.
As for the anterior and posterior meniscofemoral ligaments, a prevalence of 60% was obtained for the posterior meniscofemoral ligament (Wrisberg), and a prevalence of 30% was obtained for the anterior meniscofemoral ligament (Humphrey).

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