posterior limb of internal capsule

pos·te·ri·or limb of in·ter·nal cap·sule

that subdivision of the internal capsule caudal to the genu and located between the thalamus and lentiform nucleus.
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Symmetrical areas of altered signal intensity in bilateral globi pallidi, posterior limb of internal capsule, subthalamic nuclei and cerebral peduncle, hyperintense on T1/FLAIR, isohypointense on T2W showing no restriction of diffusion.
The MRI films were reviewed and revealed well defined abnormal signal intensity areas in basal ganglia and posterior limb of internal capsule. Lesions appeared hypo-intense on T1 and hyper-intense on T2 and FLAIR (fig-1).
After doing MRI, ischaemic injury has to be appreciated by detecting abnormal signal intensities in the following areas Subcortical white matter and (+/_) cortex, Posterior Limb of Internal Capsule (PLIC), Perirolandic White Matter (PRWM), Periventricular White Matter (PVWM), basal ganglia, thalami and brainstem.

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