backward curvature

(redirected from posterior curvature)

back·ward cur·va·ture

curvature in which a more distal or caudad part is deviated posteriorly with respect to the coronal anatomic plane.
Synonym(s): posterior curvature
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Comparison of Pentacam and Orbscan II on posterior curvature topography measurements in keratoconus eyes.
Competitive sports and its impact on the formation of the anterior - posterior curvature of the spine is a topic widely discussed by many scientists and doctors.
2) clearly demonstrated patency of the stent with the arm down by his side and when he raised his arm, the abnormal clavicle, with the loss of anterior and posterior curvature, impinged on the stent, occluding it against the first rib.
The shape of the neurals, including the posterior curvature, is very similar.

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