posterior crossbite

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pos·te·ri·or cross·bite

(pos-tērē-ŏr krawsbīt)
Abnormal placement in which the posterior teeth occlude in an abnormal buccolingual relationship with the opposing teeth.


a form of malocclusion in which the mandibular teeth are cranial to the maxillary teeth.

anterior crossbite
see reverse scissor bite.
posterior crossbite
the mandible is wider than the maxilla in the area of the carnassial teeth.



anterior crossbite
mandibular incisors are anterior to the maxillary incisors.
posterior crossbite
mandibular premolars or molars are buccal to their opposing teeth.
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He discusses the clinical and biologic principles of treatment, including its necessity and advantages, its rationale, related controversies, the development of the dentition and dental occlusion, and examination, early detection, and treatment planning; the ontogeny, diagnosis, early detection, and treatment of nonskeletal problems like space management, incisor crowding, abnormal oral habits, abnormal frenum attachment, and eruption problems; and treatment of dentoskeletal problems like anterior and posterior crossbites, malocclusions, and open and deep bites.
No significant difference exists between patients with and those without such deformities in the distribution of vertical or anteroposterior skeletal jaw relationships, except that posterior crossbites (deficiency in the width of the upper jaw, with the upper teeth biting inside the lower teeth) may be more common in patients with a cleft deformity.
Anterior and posterior crossbites were found more often in the CLP group than in the HLP group (58.

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