posterior cricoarytenoid muscle

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pos·ter·i·or cri·co·ar·y·te·noid mus·cle

(pos-tēr'ē-ŏr krī'kō-ar-i-tē'noyd mŭs'ĕl)
Intrinsic muscle of larynx; origin, depression on posterior surface of lamina of cricoid; insertion, muscular process of arytenoid; action, abducts vocal folds, widening rima glottidis during deep inhalation; nerve supply, recurrent laryngeal.
Synonym(s): musculus cricoarytenoideus posterior.
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Additionally, the epiglottis-posterior hypopharyngeal wall distance was narrowed, and the inferior constructor muscle and posterior cricoarytenoid muscle were compressed due to osteophytes on the left side.
The electromyographic activity of the posterior cricoarytenoid muscle (PCA) is linked to that of the diaphragm.
The posterior cricoarytenoid muscle can also be reached through the cricothyroid membrane, especially in females and some young men.
1) Laryngeal electromyography must show increased muscle discharge of the thyroarytenoid or posterior cricoarytenoid muscles at the affected pitch(es).

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