posterior axillary line

pos·te·ri·or ax·il·lar·y line

a vertical line extending inferiorly from the posterior axillary fold.
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The cameral port was placed in the 7th intercostal space across the posterior axillary line, and the two operating ports were placed respectively in the 4th intercostal space across the anterior axillary line and the 8th intercostal space across the angulus inferior scapulae line.
Established risk factors for colon injury during PCNL include slim body habitus, female sex, prior colon surgery, access to the left kidney at the posterior axillary line and lower pole, and most of all a retrorenal loop of colon.
Retroperitoneum is accessed from the space between the 12th rib superiorly, the iliac crest inferiorly, the lateral border of the paraspinal muscles poster laterally and the posterior axillary line antero medially.
Before the initial puncture, the following anatomical lines and points were marked by a sterile pen on the back of the patient during deep inspirium: the posterior axillary line (PAL), the posterior middle line (PML), the fluoroscopic vertical projection of the line traversing the upper edge of the iliac crest (UICL)], the tip of the twelfth rib (C point) and the fluoroscopic vertical projection of the lower edge of the lower calyx (Fig.
An incision is made diagonally across the axilla and extended for several centimeters inferiorly in the space between the anterior and posterior axillary line, the serratus anterior muscle was exhibited by preserving neurovascular structures.
Trochars were inserted into the thorax in the posterior axillary line and the sympathetic chain identified.
The first 12-mm trocar was placed in the paraumbilical-external line of the rectus abdominal region, the second and third trocars were placed in the ipsilateral iliac fossa and hypochondrium, and the fourth trocar was placed in the posterior axillary line.
On February 15, 2010, pleural puncture was performed and drainage tube was placed in the 7th intercostal space on the posterior axillary line.
After informed consent, the site for pleural fluid aspiration was selected either in mid axillary line or posterior axillary line in the 6th, 7th or 8th intercostals space.
The skin puncture was medial to the posterior axillary line.
th] rib at 3 sites: lateral border of the paraspinous muscle, the mid-scapular line and the posterior axillary line.

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