posterior atlanto-occipital membrane

pos·te·ri·or at·lan·to-oc·cip·i·tal mem·brane

the fibrous membrane that attaches between the posterior arch of the atlas and the posterior margin of the foramen magnum.
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The vertebral artery on both sides passes through the foramina transversaria of the first six cervical vertebrae, penetrate the posterior atlanto-occipital membrane and enter the cranial cavity through the foramen magnum.
This was attributed to an anomalous ossification center in the oblique ligament of atlas, which is actually the lower border of the lateral division of the posterior atlanto-occipital membrane that bridges the sulcus and converts it into a foramen for the vertebral artery.
After the vertebral arteries emerge from the cervical foramina, they run along the grooves in the superior aspects of the posterior arch of the atlas and then through the posterior atlanto-occipital membrane before entering the dura (Figure).
Last (3) observed that the free border of the posterior atlanto-occipital membrane, arching over the artery and nerve is sometimes ossified and converted the groove for the vertebral artery; into a foramen.

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