The period after adolescence or puberty.
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Thus, additional debate and thought are warranted toward starting these therapies in asymptomatic but high-risk individuals as early as postadolescence.
It establishes an exclusive textual space, indicating ambivalence toward, or uncertainty about, the acquired tongue, English--after all, Stavans only acquired fluency in English postadolescence, when he came to the United States to study in New York City.
Their spiritual journey through postadolescence has led many of us parents to a more conscious examining and a more wholehearted reclaiming of our own faith, a reclaiming that often includes the very rituals and community they question.
In chapters treating development from infancy to postadolescence, Ready or Not aims to show how anticulturalism has deformed youth and parenthood in recent generations.
If you've ever been in the throes of postadolescence, you'll remember how young twenty-somethings chafe at their lack of authority.