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Ritalin has been used for patients with traumatic brain injury, post-stroke depression and recovery, the neurobehavioral deficits caused by brain tumors, and coma (Challman & Lipsky, 2000).
Comparison of quality of life scores among participants with and without post-stroke depression
Treatment effects of antidepressants in patients with post-stroke depression: a meta-analysis.
Post-stroke depression (PSD) is a common neuropsychiatric complication of stroke.1 Generally, PSD is defined as a condition with different degrees of PSD symptoms that persist for more than 2 weeks.
Pak et al., "Studies on the animal model of post-stroke depression and application of antipsychotic aripiprazole," Behavioural Brain Research, vol.
Many researches in the field have associated fatigue with post-stroke depression. In a study conducted in Sweden, 49% of patients with fatigue at 1 year after a stroke developed depression, compared with 39% in the control group (7).
We conducted a narrative review of the literature through Lilacs, Medline and PubMed electronic databases, using the keywords "stroke", "cerebrovascular diseases", "depression" and "post-stroke depression".
"Medications are more commonly favored than psychotherapy for treating post-stroke depression due to the cognitive impairment that is often associated with a stroke," Dr.
"There's no evidence that any particular treatment works better for post-stroke depression compared to other forms of depression," Dr.
In addition to the immediate pain and distress caused by what has been termed "post-stroke depression" (PSD), the condition has been associated with a host of adverse physical and psychosocial outcomes, including poor engagement in rehabilitation activities, longer hospital inpatient periods, impaired social and family functioning, and inability to return to work (Carod-Artal, Trizotto, Coral, & Moreira, 2009; Santus, Ranzenigo, Caregnato, & Inzoli, 1990; Turner-Stokes & Hassan, 2002).
Fatigue is also pivotal in post-stroke depression. (17) White fatigue is a symptom of depression, and patients may be depressed by fatigue, post-stroke fatigue can happen in the absence of depression.

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