positive valence

pos·i·tive va·lence

the number of valence electrons an atom can give up.
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And more than this, they found that the biological signals for Facebook use correspond to what they describe as the Core Flow State, a fairly new concept, which is characterized by high positive valence and high arousal.
This training program will provide a golden opportunity for raising the positive valence in the minds of soldiers about getting treatment for PTSD symptoms, for being wise in evaluating the helpfulness of one's counselor or therapist, and for appreciating the enormous importance of postcombat social support in preventing and reducing traumatic stress symptoms.
His negations nevertheless have a positive valence, for he believes absolutely in freedom--not only political freedom but also freedom from the past.
If a manager particularly wants a promotion, for example, and thinks that successful completion of a certain project will earn that promotion, then he or she will attach a positive valence to completing the project, and be motivated to do so by the perceived value of the reward.

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