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Because this kind of strength training is designed to mimic the forces and movements used in running, there is a very high positive transfer to running.
We placed the aux tank in transfer mode but couldn't see indications of positive transfer from the aux tank.
Subject to a "safe harbor" of sorts expressed with reference to a taxpayer's gross revenue, which confines the application of the penalty to situations where the net positive transfer adjustment exceeds the lesser of 10 percent of the taxpayer's gross revenue otherwise determined and $5 million, the penalty applies to adjustments and may be imposed even if the taxpayer is not in a net tax paying position.
The principle of specificity holds that the practice situation must be exactly the same as the game situation for a positive transfer to occur.
black and white shapes in training and distinctive colors in transfer, Zentall & Hogan, 1976, 1978, or different achromatic brightness values in training and distinctive colors in transfer, Zentall & Hogan, 1974, 1975), significant evidence for positive transfer can be demonstrated.
This EcoSecurities and Climate Positive transfer is an excellent example of high quality voluntary carbon credit transactions" says Helen Robinson, CEO TZ1 Registry.
Following Ayoze Perez and Jack Colback, De Jong's capture means this summer is Newcastle's most positive transfer window since the panic buying of January 2012.
The BP Series features servo-drive performance, balcony-style design and a positive transfer system.
Hopefully once the boardroom problems are resolved and if there is any more money available, we will see more positive transfer activity before the start of the season.
Students see a positive transfer of their classroom skills to the workplace, build self-confidence in their abilities and set career goals," Ciuba says.
Identifying unique combination of rehabilitation strategies and positive transfer conditions may significantly decrease the severity of motor disabilities that challenge many stroke survivors," according to the study.

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