anode rays

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an·ode rays

those originating in a gas discharge tube and moving in a direction opposite to that of cathode rays; made up of positively charged ions.
Synonym(s): positive rays
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Jupiter and Neptune beams positive rays in your sign and you're seeing the bigger picture over work money and love.
Certainly, amid a plethora of concerns and negative news about hunters and hunting, it's down-right refreshing to find positive rays of hope within the gathering storm clouds.
By 1912 it was clear that they were composed of positively charged subatomic particles, so Thomson called them positive rays. In the light of Rutherford's nuclear atom (see 1911), the positive rays appeared to be streams of atomic nuclei.
With Jupiter and Neptune beaming positive rays in your sign, you see things from a bigger perspective.
Thomson felt that positive rays consisted of streams of high-velocity atomic nuclei (see 1912).
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