positive identification

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positive identification

A forensic term of art referring to the definitive determination that a body is that of a specified person.

Identification of decedent
Universal means of positive identification
Fingerprints, comparison of dental records, DNA analysis.

Contingently accepted means of positive identification
Visualisation of the body by next-of-kin and presence of unique body features in the forms of scars and tattoos.

Circumstantial identification
Drivers licence, clothing, location (e.g., body found in his or her own car).
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But this 'good reason' will not often exist where a witness has earlier failed to make a positive identification. In these circumstances, for an in-court showup to be admissible, it would need to be justified by some other 'good reason' for permitting a suggestive identification procedure, which usually would require a showing that the in-court identification is more reliable than the witness's earlier failure to make a positive identification and that it poses little risk of misidentification despite its suggestiveness.
Sir Michael asked him: "You are not suggesting that at any time you would contemplate an armed officer taking a critical shot on the basis of a less than positive identification?"
Positive identification of five Japanese tourists killed in a two-car crash in Bolivia appears to be taking time because their bodies were severely burned in the backup fuel-bolstered flames that followed the crash, sources familiar with the situation said Saturday.
His topics include fire and combustion, scene recovery, the incineration of dental tissues, and positive identification.
(The results could be higher or lower in other states.) Another potential benefit would be to reduce the workload for state child support agencies by providing positive identification of bankruptcy filers with orders under the states' purview by comparing the full social security numbers (SSNs) of individuals in both bankruptcy and child support databases.
The 3M RFID Marker System, described as the first of its kind in the industry, provides positive identification of marked facilities, making it more valuable for locating and maintenance than conventional passive marker locating.
In a bid to make positive identification a norm, the hospital launched ID Day, a three month amnesty focusing on the importance of patients wearing their wristbands.
Controlled by a handheld PDA, the system uses a simultaneous two-finger scanner to capture two adjacent fingers for positive identification with higher accuracy, than single-finger systems.
She conveys her love of the hunt--and the details of positive identification in this informative, engaging guide.
This versatile machine is ideally suited for marking a wide range of components in the automotive sector and security industries, providing traceability, certification or positive identification.
Until a positive identification is made, Spergel says, increasingly detailed observations of galaxies and galaxy clusters offer the best approach for unveiling the invisible stuff that is everywhere.
If the dog trailed to the decoy person and gave a positive identification, a false positive (FALSE) was recorded.

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