positive feedback loop

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pos·i·tive feed·back loop

(posi-tiv fēdbak lūp)
A process in which a change from the normal range of function elicits a response that amplifies or enhances that change.
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The function of positive feedback loop based on EPELM is illustrated in Figure 5.
The family of bHLH-PAS-containing transcription factors, CLOCK and BMAL1 are accountable to exert positive feedback loops. Firstly CLOCK and BMAL1 bind to each other to form a heterodimer that binds with Periods (i.e., Perl, Per2 and PerS) and Cryptochromes (i.e., Cryl and Cry2) genes [20].
By exploring these correlated characteristics that are more accessible, we can calculate the unit action from the already available quantities that participate in the positive feedback loop. This will allow us to study larger varieties of systems and to generalize our present theory to systems of any nature across all disciplines.
Fortunately, when a global network of people display determination and courage in solving a common problem, it has the potential to generate a positive feedback loop of inspiration worldwide.
The way an operator treats an asset has a lot to do with its reliability, he says, and these cultures create a positive feedback loop for overall feet costs.
The report highlights that women's employment in paid work creates a positive feedback loop, as the next generation of women builds on the gains made by the current generation.
In addition, it is stuck in a positive feedback loop -- most shoppers associate bleach with the brand, and so buy the product without considering other products on the shelf.
As trapped methane is released, a positive feedback loop occurs--one change sparks another that reinforces the initial action.
He stressed the importance of the simultaneous development of education, services and research, noting that the three aspects are inter-related and that they enter "into a positive feedback loop with maximum benefits for the people".
One positive feedback loop brought mesenchymal stem cells close in to the cancer cells.

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