positive electrode

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1. The positive pole of a galvanic battery or the electrode connected with it; an electrode toward which negatively charged ions (anions) migrate (for example, in electrophoresis); a positively charged electrode. Compare: cathode.
2. The portion, usually made of tungsten, of an x-ray tube from which x-rays are released by bombardment by cathode rays (electrons).
Synonym(s): positive electrode
[G. anodos, a way up, fr. ana, up, + hodos, a way]

positive electrode

An anode; the pole opposite a cathode.
See also: electrode
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If a ligand dissociates from a nanocrystal that has already been deposited on the positive electrode, the resulting positively charged nanocrystal will be repelled from the positive electrode and redeposit on the negative electrode.
Therefore, charged XLPE and PVC will be deflected toward negative and positive electrode, respectively.
Inside that murky vial, attached to the negative electrode like barnacles to a ship's hull, an unusual type of bacteria feast on particles of organic waste and produce electricity that is captured by the battery's positive electrode.
Over the years, Panasonic has accumulated technology and know-how in batteries, such as the proprietary positive electrode sintering technology*4 applied to nickel-cadmium batteries as well as automotive nickel-metal-hydride batteries which use nickel in their positive electrodes.
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The proposed joint venture will be named as (transliteratedas Topsun Energy Limited), which mainly involves in the production and sale of the materials for the positive electrode of lithium battery business.
The resulting carbon-sulfur composite was used as the cathode, which served as the positive electrode of the test battery, which at least theoretically, could reach energy density of 2,600 watt hours per kg.
The new model uses a push-pull feeder for positive electrode delivery while allowing use of standard 15-kg wire spools.
In this case, the wires served as the battery's positive electrode, or cathode, and the researchers used lithium on the other side of the film as the anode.
A key feature of the lithium-water battery is that it does not hold the positive electrode and water inside it, but reacts directly with the oxygen in water or directly with the air that surrounds it to produce its power.
the power density of a battery increases with the ion conductivity of the electrolyte, and the energy density of a battery is larger when more alkali metal ions can be accommodated in the positive electrode.
The batteries Panasonic is providing are cylindrical 18650-type (18 mm diameter, 65 mm length) high-capacity lithium-ion battery cells having the company's proprietary nickel-based positive electrode.

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