positive electrode

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1. The positive pole of a galvanic battery or the electrode connected with it; an electrode toward which negatively charged ions (anions) migrate (for example, in electrophoresis); a positively charged electrode. Compare: cathode.
2. The portion, usually made of tungsten, of an x-ray tube from which x-rays are released by bombardment by cathode rays (electrons).
Synonym(s): positive electrode
[G. anodos, a way up, fr. ana, up, + hodos, a way]
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positive electrode

An anode; the pole opposite a cathode.
See also: electrode
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(a) Fresh positive electrode, (b) 1.5 C aged positive electrode, (c) 2.0 C aged positive electrode, (d) fresh negative electrode, (e) 1.5 C aged negative electrode, and (f) 2.0 C aged negative electrode.
Lithium can reside in interstitial sites within the crystal structures of both electrodes, but has a higher affinity for the positive electrode. During battery charging, external current pulls electrons from the positive electrode and injects them into the negative electrode.
Beyond 60 s the positive electrode slowly loses nanocrys-tals while the negative electrode slowly gains nanocrystals.
Under normal operating conditions, the following reactions occur at the two electrodes (assuming a manganese oxide positive electrode):
As these microbes ingest organic matter and convert it into biological fuel, their excess electrons flow into the carbon filaments and across to the positive electrode, which is made of silver oxide, a material that attracts electrons, the researchers said.
The rechargeable batteries Panasonic is providing are the cylindrical 18650 type (18 mm in diameter x 65 mm in height) high-capacity lithium-ion battery cells which use the company's proprietary nickel-based positive electrode. The high-capacity and lightweight battery cells store excess power generated by the HIT solar cells so that the car is able to continue running even on overcast days.
Leads were placed as follows: on the 6th intercostal space on the right (negative electrode) and left (positive electrode) sides of the thorax at the level of the costochondral junction (X axis); on the manubrium (negative electrode) and xiphoid process area (positive electrode) (Y axis); and above the spinous process of 7th thoracic vertebrae (negative electrode) and the ventral opposite aspect (positive electrode) (Z axis).
The right arm is the positive electrode in reference to the left arm and the left leg.
Critically, we need to put the negative electrode toward the well-containing end of the gel, and the positive electrode at the far end (Figure 1).
[8] stated that overcharging beyond a certain voltage level would result in electrolysis of water into hydrogen on the negative electrode and oxygen at the positive electrode. Also, Mohammadi et al.
[??] is the magnetic flux vector, and [??] is the current vector, which characterizes the current density on condition that the unit current passes from the positive electrode to the negative electrode.

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