positive control

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pos·i·tive con·trol

regulation of an enzyme activity by an activator of that enzyme. Also, regulation via induction of a specific protein's biosynthesis or activation of a protein's processing.
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On reaching the 3rd h of the experiment, the positive control group had reached a mean BGL of 67.
0001) decrease in macrophage engulfment of positive control compared to negative control at 90 minutes.
Using different dilutions of the positive control, this reaction was capable of detecting 2 copies and more of T.
Indeed T5 and T6 yielded remarkably lower frequencies of micronuclei (Figure 3), significantly lower than the positive control (Table 2).
sup][13],[14] The radiographs and histologic micrographs in this study exhibited better bone restoration at the bone defect sites in the CS-PRP and positive control groups compared with the CS and PRP groups.
In Table 2, it can be seen that at all concentrations, the Simultaneous Treatment mitotic indices were statistically similar to the cell division indices of the Positive Control and their respective Jatoba controls, demonstrating that the association of concentrations of jatoba-do-cerrado with acetaminophen, as in the 24 h exposure time, promoted a high antiproliferative effect no the A.
The Icariin-treated groups showed less resorption than the positive control group (Fig.
Note: Use your positive control to test whether you are producing static electricity.
Dosage with PE or positive control inhibited this increase by between 60% and 85%.
The sailors completed a series of boarding scenarios, ensuring positive control of the ship while maintaining an open line of communication with the command and control officer, said officials.
We checked in under positive control and were vectored into the GCA pattern.
The company stated that Waterbury Pulmonary Associates Research is enrolling participants for the positive control group, patients diagnosed with lung cancer who have not yet started treatment.

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