positive balance

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an instrument for weighing.
equilibrium (def. 1).
acid-base balance see acid-base balance.
analytical balance a balance used in the laboratory, sensitive to variations of the order of 0.05 to 0.1 mg.
fluid balance see fluid balance.
negative balance a state in which the amount of water or an electrolyte excreted from the body is greater than that ingested.
nitrogen balance see nitrogen balance.
positive balance a state in which the amount of water or an electrolyte excreted from the body is less than that ingested.
water balance fluid balance.
zero balance a state in which the amount of water or an electrolyte excreted from the body is exactly equal to that ingested; see equilibrium (def. 1).
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However, the authority's chief officer for education and youth, Claire Homard, said there was a risk that the level of deficit will soon exceed the positive balances.
The positive balance of services (mostly due to exports of travel services) partially offsets the negative balance of goods.
Summary: Reader is charged overlimit fees, despite having a positive balance in his credit card
That gave Iran a positive balance of payments of $246 million, smaller than the previous year's positive balance of $924 million.
Iran's power swaps with the neighboring countries showed a positive balance of 537 MW.
The off-shore sector, mainly composed of Global Business Companies (GBCs) that hold assets worth almost 50 times the country's GDP, supports the banking system and contributes to Mauritius's positive balance of payments position.
The North East is a vital part of the UK economy and continues to have a consistently positive balance of trade; is the fastest growing region in the North and has a wealth of businesses that are world leaders in their field.
The June 2015 survey shows a sharp fall in order volume, with CBA member companies reporting a positive balance of +11%, down from +27% in the last survey in June 2015.
It said the gap between firms reporting output volumes higher and those saying they were lower stood at a positive balance of 31%, up from 20% in the three months to July and the best rate since May.
Jonathan Walker, head of policy and campaigns NECC said: "It's reassuring that the North-east continues to be the only English region with a consistently positive balance of trade and this strong performance is actually driven by a relatively small number of exporters.
In the second quarter of fiscal 2015, the company achieved strong financial performance as evidenced by its rate stabilization account, finishing with a positive balance of USD80 million.
And the North East remains the only English region with a consistent positive balance of trade - exports greater than imports, with the gure at PS4.45bn.

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