positive action

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positive action

A term used in the context of (UK) labour law which, unlike positive discrimination, is generally allowed by legislation: employers can offer disadvantaged groups access to facilities for training and encourage job applications from under-represented groups, but cannot discriminate in selecting candidates for employment or promotion or the terms and conditions on which they are employed.

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) provides examples of permitted positive action, including placing advertisements where they are more likely to be seen by the members of a disadvantaged group or “providing computer training courses to those over 60 because they may have had less exposure to training in the past”. Employers must also ensure that before committing to positive action they have evidence to show that the targeted group is under-represented within the workforce or is likely to have a particular disadvantage in taking up or doing that type of work.

Analogous to the US term “affirmative action”.
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Of the 21 Positive Action intervention lessons taught, nine lessons were revised by the research team to combine two lessons from the published curriculum into one lesson.
By way of example, if a primary school has no male teachers the governing body of the school could use positive action to appoint a male candidate who is of equal merit (with the same qualifications, skill and experience) to a female candidate in order to increase the representation of men within the staff group.
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It surely doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that positive action means you ensure the playing field is completely level, so everyone has the chance of employment, training etc, whereas positive discrimination means some people lose out unfairly so that others can advance.
Hutchinson, who is currently president of the Los Angeles-based National Alliance for Positive Action and the author of The Disappearance of Black Leadership and The Crisis in Black and Black, fondly remembers his "griot, mentor, counselor, master-teacher and spiritual guide."
We believe this will be an issue that will inform you and move you toward positive action.
The organization will use the study's findings as a basis for the campaign, which is designed to "inspire, fund, and mobilize young people to take positive action in their communities."
The priorities will often be unspoken, existing as quiet, yet true commitments to positive action.
They have a click positive action. The cursor can be moved with arrow movements, and there are hotkeys for Date Book, Address Book, To Do List, Memo Pad, Application, Menu, Calculator, and Find.
He later recalled the questions in his mind as he considered what to say: "How could I make a speech that would be militant enough to keep my people aroused to positive action and yet moderate enough to keep this fervor within controllable and Christian bounds?
"Brian has an amazing talent of bringing to every task a unique charisma and the ability to lead people to take positive action."
Photographs of students who have been helpful are pinned on notice boards and along the corridors there are numerous positive action memory jogs.

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