positive action

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positive action

A term used in the context of (UK) labour law which, unlike positive discrimination, is generally allowed by legislation: employers can offer disadvantaged groups access to facilities for training and encourage job applications from under-represented groups, but cannot discriminate in selecting candidates for employment or promotion or the terms and conditions on which they are employed.

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) provides examples of permitted positive action, including placing advertisements where they are more likely to be seen by the members of a disadvantaged group or “providing computer training courses to those over 60 because they may have had less exposure to training in the past”. Employers must also ensure that before committing to positive action they have evidence to show that the targeted group is under-represented within the workforce or is likely to have a particular disadvantage in taking up or doing that type of work.

Analogous to the US term “affirmative action”.
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ViiV Healthcare is proud to continue the Positive Action programme and its valuable work with these communities.
The goal of the Positive Action intervention at the Tier 2 level was to improve academic performance and motivation in the general education classroom for these students whom exhibited the academic skill-sets to do so.
Positive Action earned its top rating based on two studies: a randomized experimental trial in Hawaii and a high quality matched-control study in a large school district in the southeastern United States.
developer of Positive Action, said that she is proud to see the program had achieved improved ratings.
Women for Positive Action is committed to exploring and addressing the challenges faced by women living with HIV and those involved in their care.
Teesside Positive Action, which has clinics in Middlesbrough and Stockton, tested 235 people for HIV between April 2009 March 2010.
The Union Government is bound to take positive action," Moily said.
However, it must be remembered that positive action does not guarantee that anyone of a specific sex or race will gain employment with the service.
PC Tim Bennett said the meeting would enable people to tell of their concerns so the police and their partners at the city council and other agencies could take positive action to improve the area.
Whilst positive action allows employers to address issues of imbalance within the make-up of their workforce through legal means, positive discrimination is illegal and should continue to be outlawed, claims Aaron Reid, executive director of Birmingham Professional DiverCity, which helps the city's professional services community with diversity.
The Liverpool-based charity, supported by the ECHO, was singled out in the the media category at the annual North West Positive Action Awards.
The House of Commons looks, sounds and feels very different to the Chamber I arrived at in 1987, and that is almost entirely down to Labour having the courage to take positive action.

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