Hyrtl, Joseph

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Joseph, Austrian anatomist, 1810-1894.
Hyrtl anastomosis - Synonym(s): Hyrtl loop
Hyrtl canal
Hyrtl epitympanic recess - the upper portion of the tympanic cavity above the tympanic membrane. Synonym(s): epitympanic recess; Hyrtl recess
Hyrtl foramen - an occasional foramen in the sphenoid bone through which passes the motor portion of the trigeminal nerve. Synonym(s): porus crotaphytico-buccinatorius
Hyrtl loop - a communicating loop between the right and left hypoglossal nerves. Synonym(s): Hyrtl anastomosis
Hyrtl nerve
Hyrtl recess - Synonym(s): Hyrtl epitympanic recess
Hyrtl sphincter - a band, generally incomplete, of circular muscular fibers in the rectum about 10 cm above the anus (upper rectal ampulla).
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