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Part or division.


Part or division.

segment of a bifocal lens (seg) 

An area of a bifocal lens of a power different to that of the main portion. Syn. portion. There is the distance portion, which has the correction for distance vision, and the near or reading portion, which has the correction for near vision. See intermediate portion.
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These testify to all concerned at the desire of William Adam portioner of Slachristock that the said William Adam attends upon public worship upon the Lord's day ordinarily, and for the most parts upon diets of catechising, being catechized by me then with his neighbours, according to his capacity.
This fraction is dropped into a laboratory inlet by the scoop, rather than the portioner.
The same level of productivity can be maintained using 10 workers, including six loaders and four unloaders, operating a DSI Portioner.
The I-Slice 1068VA automatic portioner from Marel automatically and accurately portions thin, flat meat to fixed weight.
The company has increased the capacity of the skin dicer portioner to handle larger blocks -- up to eight inches thick, 24 inches wide and 30 inches long.
A partial list of equipment available includes a 16-inch coating and frying line, a spiral oven, a jet stream oven, a DSI Waterjet Portioner, and spiral-belt and liquid nitrogen tunnels.
To set up the new production line, from mincer and portioner to packaging machine and materials, the company turned to Convenience Food Systems (CFS), Bakel, the Netherlands, which offered one-stop shopping and other advantages.