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said Tuesday they have agreed to link their business-to-business (B2B) Internet portal sites.
However, before you apply all this newfound knowledge and go jumping onto the World Wide Web to browse through a portal site (such as the examples listed below), here are some pros and cons to consider:
In addition to the multitude of interactive and interesting features on the original portal site, consumers now have easy and convenient access to unique features that are the first of its kind in Canada.
ShowTime is the membership portal site for subscribers to enjoy about 20,000 content at a monthly fee of 294 yen.
The contents of the new portal site -- including Your Money, Weather, In the News, Entertainment, Travel, Careers, For Women, Sports Central, Online Arcade, Just for Fun, Bits and Bytes, Chat, Shopping, and The Vault -- make it easy and fun to navigate the Web to areas of personal interest.
GTC Telecom plans to add the portal site to complement its array of Internet services.
The integration is designed to provide a wider range of content on a single portal site to make it more convenient for site visitors, the companies said in a statement.
Simply come to one of the Portal sites (or enter through The Portal Network), pick a name for your Portal ID, tell us where you want it to send people to -- and that's it.
Founded in 2006 as a game portal site of "Letsgame".
Our crews have started rehabilitation at the mill and preparing the portal site for the decline.
Due to fierce competition for wireless subscribers now with number portability, and as wireless devices such as MP3 music players proliferate, leading carriers like SK Telecom are opening multi-media content portal sites to attract new subscribers and to keep existing customers on longer.