portable radiography

port·a·ble ra·di·og·ra·phy

making a radiographic film of a patient confined to bed by taking a movable x-ray machine to the room.
Synonym(s): bedside radiography
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(12) Backscatter artifacts are particularly problematic for portable radiography where cassette shielding is minimized to decrease the cassette weight.
Expertise in, among others, the areas of pipeline construction (conventional radiography, portable radiography, X-ray pipeline crawlers, automated ultrasonics AUT--girth weld, certified welding inspectors and asset integrity management); pipeline integrity (close interval potential survey, direct current voltage gradient survey, pipeline current attenuation survey, pipeline depth of cover and survey, pipe line right-of-way GPS survey, pH soil analysis and continuous resistivity surveys, chemical and mechanical pipeline cleaning, MFL inline inspection tools and deformation/caliper tools).
1.) The challenge was to determine a timely and correct diagnosis to prevent the patient's death, despite the constraints of portable radiography.
I have been training new students and have experience in casualty, theatre and portable radiography, and feel that I haven't had the recognition that I deserve.
Laboratory cadaver radiography puts a student in an environment that mimics trauma, geriatric and portable radiography. In the absence of flexible extremities, a student is forced to think creatively and use advanced problem-solving skills to develop alternative methods for radiographic production.
Portable radiography is difficult for many reasons.
A cost-analysis of computed radiography and picture archiving and communication systems in portable radiography. Journal of Digital Imaging.

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