portable radiography

port·a·ble ra·di·og·ra·phy

making a radiographic film of a patient confined to bed by taking a movable x-ray machine to the room.
Synonym(s): bedside radiography
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Ideal for use by military, first responders or humanitarian organizations, the RadPRO 4kW Portable Radiography System provides digital images which can be previewed within three to five seconds with 125 micron pixel resolution, and features its own power source.
Expertise in, among others, the areas of pipeline construction (conventional radiography, portable radiography, X-ray pipeline crawlers, automated ultrasonics AUT--girth weld, certified welding inspectors and asset integrity management); pipeline integrity (close interval potential survey, direct current voltage gradient survey, pipeline current attenuation survey, pipeline depth of cover and survey, pipe line right-of-way GPS survey, pH soil analysis and continuous resistivity surveys, chemical and mechanical pipeline cleaning, MFL inline inspection tools and deformation/caliper tools).
Artifacts on portable films are common in the emergency room due to the condition of the patient and the inherent limitations of portable radiography, as seen in this case.
I have been training new students and have experience in casualty, theatre and portable radiography, and feel that I haven't had the recognition that I deserve.
5RadPRO 40kW Digital Mobile is compatible with the CXDI-55 Digital Radiography Systems series, CXDI-60 Portable Radiography Systems series and the CXDI-70C Wireless Digital Radiography System.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Portable Radiography Machine, Cr System, Haematology Analyser And Clinical Chemistry Analyser.
Laboratory cadaver radiography puts a student in an environment that mimics trauma, geriatric and portable radiography.
ALLPRO Imaging is utilizing its ScanX Discover portable radiography system for non-destructive testing of the Charles W.
Contract notice: Open procedure for the assignment - in aggregated form - for the supply of portable radiography and fluoroscopy consisting of guarantee type full risk equal to 24 months.
4 portable radiography for diagnostic tests in the ward, ICU and operating room operationally compatible with all types of beds and rooms present in the hospital.
Portable radiography is difficult for many reasons.
We feel that Canon has successfully created opportunities with its innovation in the portable radiography market that provides its customers with a higher quality of images and usability through its easily adaptable solutions.

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