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Hypertext transfer protocol Informatics The most commonly used language protocol for transmitting information in Web sites; http on a web address–a URL indicates to Web browsers, “HTML spoken here”. See Client, HTML, Server, Web browser, World Wide Web. Cf Gopher.
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Q. Has anyone ever seen the website There is a cancer cure on it. George Cairns had prostate and colon cancer. He used a natural cure and was completely cured of cancer. I am wondering if any one has ever read his website

A. oops, cod liver oil increases the absorption of calcium.

Q. I've a chronic pain website & would love 2 get comments on how 2 make it better


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-- Only half of enterprises believe they are handling the port 80 problem - Approximately 56% of IT professionals surveyed think they are adequately handling port 80 security, citing Web-based viruses, unproductive Web surfing and bandwidth-intensive content as the greatest dangers to their enterprise security infrastructure.
The volume of unexpected and dangerous applets, microbes, content, and attacks that use port 80 as an expressway into the enterprise speaks to the problem that Blue Coat is solving for companies."
Also, all eCare communication happens over HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443), so there is no need for customers to reconfigure their firewalls in order to use the eCare system.
Of the more than 1,400 actual attacks monitored, most were aimed at port 80, which is used for Web traffic.
Web browsers, for example, typically use port 80. Port 445 is one of two ports used to connect with the Windows Server Service.<p>This activity "appears to be related to the exploitation" of the Windows Server bug, Symantec said in a note on its Web site.<p>Most firewalls block port 445, as well as the other port used by Server Service, port 139, but Symantec said Windows users should still make sure they've applied the MS08-067 patch for the bug.
The solution is Linux-based, and offers configurable communication traversal paths to use TCP or UDP; default communication is via TCP port 80, meaning that existing security policies can be used in most scenarios.
To combat these security concerns, organizations should make their networks more "application aware." This relates specifically to port 80, where more network traffic resides today.
But when scanning around the IP number the program continually failed to find the web server (running on port 80).
The hardware and software solution can be equipped with individual security engines or in layered, all-in-one bundles, such as solutions for network access (combining firewall with intrusion detection and prevention), mail (combining firewall, SPAM and content scanning, and antivirus) and Web content (combining firewall, Port 80 control and antivirus).
Through proprietary processes and the company's WebCatcher feature--by which uncategorised Web sites accessed by customers are sent back to Websense for review--Websense is able to identify spyware servers and block employees from unknowingly sending data to them via back-channel port 80 connections.
The types of sites and applications needing this special treatment ranged from external websites with specific incompatibilities to commonly used protocols like Real Media streaming over TCP/IP port 80, which was often incompatible with proxy authentication.
These intelligent-content switches typically provide the Layer 3 and 4 features, and add functionality by reading into the HTTP (port 80) request header.