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Porous, as in osteoporotic.
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The causes of porotic hyperostosis and criba orbitaria: A reappraisal of the Iron deficiency anemia Hypothesis.
The causes of porotic hyperostosis and cribra orbita-lia: a reappraisal of the iron-deficiency-anemia hypothesis.
Another interesting finding in the thickened periosteum of one case (Case 2) was the presence of porotic bone containing fat.
Angel's findings that sicklemia, thalassemia and favism (the G6PD deficiency) may protect a population to some extent against malaria, and their presence may be an indicator of the endemicity of malaria; but he does not find that the incidence of cases of porotic hyperostosis in skeletal remains is significant enough statistically to justify Angel's conclusion that malaria was virtually absent from the eastern Mediterranean region in the classical period (p.
There is evidence of porotic hyperostosis (porous skull) on the frontal and parietal bones of three individuals, one of which showed signs of recovery.
Ubelaker (1992) explained lower rates of porotic hyperostosis in the highlands of Ecuador, when compared to the lowlands, by a lower incidence of intestinal parasitism at high altitudes.
Second, we hypothesize that nutritional deficiencies will surge in the peak-LIA, as seen in increased cribra orbitalia and porotic hyperostosis prevalence and severity.
In addition, this case brings some additional insights to the discussion of the physiological reactions of the skull to compression bandages and to the explanation of the porotic appearance of the bone in some modified skulls described in archaeological collections.
An investigation into dietary stress was conducted through the documentation of the expression of lesions associated with nutritional deficiencies, including porotic hyperostosis of the cranial vault and cribra orbitalia (Stuart-Macadam 1985; Stuart-Macadam and Kent 1992; Walker 1985).