, pl.


(pōr'ē-on, -ē-ă),
The central point on the upper margin of the external auditory meatus; as a cephalometric landmark, it is located in the middle of the metal rods of the cephalometer.
[G. poros, a passage]
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, pl. poria (pōr'ē-on, -ă)
Central point on upper margin of external auditory meatus.
[G. poros, a passage]
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In contrast to this selection of points in the interior of the skull, the Frankfort horizontal plane was drawn from the porion present at superior contour of external auditory meatus to orbitale point positoned at lower margin of orbitale.4 Because both porion and orbitale are located in the external boder of the bony framework of the face.
* FRANKFURT HORIZONTAL PLANE (FH): The plane passing through the porion and orbita points
(10) N-Po-Prn angle: formed with the nasion (Na), porion (Po), and pronasale (Prn) points.
That customer has many projects, and if you're a good partner to them, they'll come back to you." Alex Porion, global sourcing senior manager for Boston Scientific Corporation, offered a similar tip, recommending that companies look beyond the current contract to attract future business.
(b) Lateral cephalometric radiographs skeletal reference points: Nasion (N), sella (S), orbitale (Or), porion (Po), condylon(Co), anterior nasal spine (ANS), posterior nasal spine (PNS), point (A), point (B), gnathion (Gn), menton (Me), and gonion (Go).
PoR = right porion; PoL = left porion; OrR = right orbitale; OrL = left orbitale; N = nasion; S = sella; LoR = right lateral orbital point; LoL = left lateral orbital point.
Two points, Porion and Orbitale, were marked on the digital images.
Callaghan (Colombia), Phillipe Floquet (Francia), Stephane Attal (Francia), Thierry Porion (Francia), Greg Nielsen (Colombia), Hugo Rocha (Mexico), Fabio Vitale (Italia), Profesor Henri Descimon (Francia), Dr.
In its statement, the city notes that Trinity East only submitted three applications for zoning permits, which applied to only a porion of the land it leased.