porcine valve

por·cine valve

stented heterograft valve from pigs.
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Examination of the extracted bioprosthetic valve revealed devitalized porcine valve with rare mononuclear cells on the surface of the leaflets (Figure 1, A and B).
In reviewing a small prosthetic porcine valve of approximately 22 millimeters in circumference, I was unable to discern the details of the leaflets using conventional advanced visualization," said John A.
In several studies, by 15 years the porcine valve has failed in 30 percent to 60 percent of patients.
The study, which appears in the October issue of the cardiac journal The Annals of Thoracic Surgery, evaluated the 20-year durability of the Biocor porcine valve in the aortic position.
Saint Thomas Hospital has been the cardiac leader for the past four decades, performing Tennessee's first coronary bypass surgery, first coronary angioplasty, first heart transplant, first intracoronary stent, first coronary rotational ablation and the first Toronto stentless porcine valve.
The type III tear was an oval perforation at the center of one cusp of a Carpentier-Edwards porcine valve, measuring 0.
Jude products named in the suit include the SJM Tailor annuloplasty rings and holders, the SJM Seguin annuloplasty rings and the Toronto SPV stentless porcine valve.
Other Fogarty inventions include Fogarty(R) Surgical Clips and Clamps, which have become standards of care for vascular surgeons to temporarily occlude vessels during surgery, and the Hancock Tissue Heart Valve, the world's first porcine valve, which Fogarty invented with Warren Hancock.
We are extremely pleased with these early results--in frail, high-surgical-risk patients aged 79 and 86-- using our own design of a porcine valve and delivered by a much smaller catheter that dramatically reduced the ReValving procedure time," said Jacques Seguin, M.
The products that will drive our 1999 performance include the Affinity(R) AutoCapture(TM) pacing system incorporating the world's first truly automatic pacing therapy; the Profile(TM) MD, the world's smallest and thinnest ICD; the SJM(R) Epic(TM) stented porcine valve incorporating our proprietary Linx(TM) and Silzone(TM) technologies; and an ever expanding line of specialty catheters from our Daig division," Matricaria continued.
The SJM Epic(TM) product is a new stented porcine valve that incorporates the Company's proprietary Linx(TM) anti-mineralization technology designed to mitigate calcification of the valve leaflets.
the leading stentless porcine valve in those markets.