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The bulging of a hair graft above the scalp surface, an effect which is most common in patients with multiple scalp reduction procedures, which tighten the recipient site; popping can be minimised by using compression bandages
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Popping my head out of the door, I listened, and presently heard a scraping sound near the shed.
Becky thought of popping that into the bed too, but she only put in the little paper night-cap with which she had put the candle out on going to sleep.
But the more he shot, the more he felt disgraced in the eyes of Veslovsky, who kept popping away merrily and indiscriminately, killing nothing, and not in the slightest abashed by his ill success.
Their conversation was for the moment interrupted by a fresh murmur of applause, rising above the loved hum of conversation, the laughter of women, and the popping of corks.
The moisture content is absolutely critical to popping performance, says Elsen.
Find out: How does popping affect the mass and volume of popcorn kernels?
The company's self contained equipment produces fresh hot popcorn for each customer while allowing the customer to watch the entire popping process.