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The thick fascia covering the popliteus muscle completes the floor distally (Figure 4) (Grant and Basmajian 1965, Hollinshead 1969, Woodburne and Burkel 1988).
All of these various structures must be considered when attempting to palpate the popliteus muscle as they lie between the skin and the popliteus muscle (Hollinshead 1969, Gardner et al 1975, Woodburne and Burkel 1988)
Important to the therapist considering the popliteus muscle, the medial and lateral genicular branches pass medially and laterally over popliteus to run deep to their corresponding collateral ligaments before joining the arterial anastomosis around the knee joint.
Located within the fossa, the tibial nerve lies in the midline on the popliteus muscle before passing distally, deep to the fibrous arch of the soleus muscle (Figure 4) (Hollinshead 1969).
Under these conditions, the popliteus muscle acts as a major stabilizer.