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a state of agricultural animals of being thin or emaciated.

Patient discussion about poorness

Q. I had observed that my pain increases with less sleep and poor diet. I had observed that my pain increases with less sleep and poor diet. I tried fasting for half a day and it helped with the pain. But once I fast for the whole day and the pain aggravated. I had also observed that when I eat salads I feel good with reduced pain. So I take them every day and this has definitely helped with the pain. I want to know how come they help with the pain.

A. Any natural diet does wonders and the same can be applied here. You must also avoid all the artificial products and sweeteners. You must also reduce in tea, coffee, chocolates, alcohol, and sodas and over consumption of dairy. You must also reduce sugar in your diet. Try to have a good sleep it is the key to reduce pain.

Q. I feel like crying! Hi. My name is Liam Lukas. I believe that I'm suffering from a major depression brought on by a multitude of factors. Stress, work, family, poor diet, etc. . .and it has affected me very deeply. I have bouts of sudden mood swings, feelings of worthlessness, thoughts of suicide, a lack of interest in favorite hobbies, no social activities, and lack of sleep patterns... I'm 33, male, and I feel I'm a burden to my family and feel like a failure. I feel like crying all the time (although I try and hid it by avoiding others).

A. hi Lukas, i am Christophe, i understand quite well what is going through your mind and body. I cry daily by watching films and i am happy to do so. please stay in touch with a doctor and/or psychologist. it can also be a ergo-therapist you can share your troubles. your job is important too, this is so. i lost in 17 years 15 times my job or had from one day to another no money anymore and so that i had to ask for social assistance. it can happen to anybody. even as electric engineer i have no protection to come in such situation! so please stay in touch and avoid isolation. if you need some tips because of your depression i will give you some. bye for now and thank you for sharing about your life.

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It is worth training them to feel, not only actual wrong or actual meanness, but the absence of noble aims and endeavours, as not merely blameable but also degrading: to have a feeling of the miserable smallness of mere self in the face of this great universe, of the collective mass of our fellow creatures, in the face of past history and of the indefinite future the poorness and insignificance of human life if it is to be all spent in making things comfortable for ourselves and our kin, and raising ourselves and them a step or two on the social ladder.
Indeed, its powerlessness, the poorness of its skills, the fact that it has turned into a mere collection of signs and buildings, and its lack of influence represent the start of its fading away.
At the end of the first page, McGahern reflects that '[t]he very poorness of the soil saved the field when old hedges and great trees were levelled throughout Europe for factory farming'.
Those who traditionally oppose Turkey's EU membership cite Turkey's "big territory, poorness and predominantly Muslim population" as reasons not to make Turkey a member of the EU.
I more readily agree with Shepherd-Barr's other contention, which suggests that the relative resource poorness of theater is precisely what makes it good at talking about science.
The poorness is one of the bleeding wounds of the society and hurts more and more families.
The shot-taking, the wides - and the poorness of the wides - by so-called top class forwards leaves an awful lot to be desired.