poorly compliant bladder

poorly com·pli·ant blad·der

a bladder that has high pressure at low volumes in the absence of detrusor activity.
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Material and methods: Between January 1992 and August 2011, six females and eight males who were 3 to 13 years old (median age 6 years) and had a low-capacity, poorly compliant bladder underwent augmentation cystoplasty using dilated ureters.
Conclusion: In patients with a low-capacity, poorly compliant bladder, augmentation cystoplasty using the ureter seems to flea viable alternative.
A small volume, poorly compliant bladder with or without detrusor overactivity can arise from a number of urological disorders, ranging from structurally contracted bladders (such as those seen with radiation cystitis) to neurogenic bladder (such as those associated with spinal dysraphisms).
Overnight catheter drainage in children with poorly compliant bladders improves post-obstructive diuresis and urinary incontinence.