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Long lines of poorly lighted streets might be faintly traced, with here and there a lighter spot, where lamps were clustered round a square or market, or round some great building; after a time these grew more distinct, and the lamps themselves were visible; slight yellow specks, that seemed to be rapidly snuffed out, one by one, as intervening obstacles hid them from the sight.
Poorly planted, by politics, illy attended, by politics, decimated and many times repeatedly decimated by the hostile forces of their environment, a straggling corporal's guard of survivors, they thrust their branches, twisted and distorted, as if writhing in agony, into the air.
If I did not sit, the man would perceive that we were only pretending to be equals -- and playing the deception pretty poorly, too.
They turned aside, and supped late and poorly, very much against Sancho's will, who turned over in his mind the hardships attendant upon knight-errantry in woods and forests, even though at times plenty presented itself in castles and houses, as at Don Diego de Miranda's, at the wedding of Camacho the Rich, and at Don Antonio Moreno's; he reflected, however, that it could not be always day, nor always night; and so that night he passed in sleeping, and his master in waking.
It makes me very nervous and poorly, to be thwarted so in my own family, and to have neighbours who think of themselves before anybody else.
So vicious was his onslaught that the poorly armed and unprotected burghers, unused to the stern game of war, fell like sheep before the iron men on their iron shod horses.
I looked round, and discovered a poorly clad little boy, with a basket over his arm, and a morsel of paper in his hand.
Then, full of his evil purpose, Godrich thought no more of his oath to the dead king, but cast Goldboru into a darksome prison, where she was poorly clad and ill-fed.
Global Banking News-December 11, 2014--SBI chief says bankers being paid poorly
BLIND and partially-sighted people fear leaving their homes because of the risk of falling over on damaged or poorly maintained pavements, new research has shown.
It feels derivative, boring and uniformly poorly executed.
l], in an observational study of 12,359 patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes at baseline.