pontine hemorrhage

pon·tine hem·or·rhage

bleeding in the substance of the pons, typically occurs in hypertensive patients.
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WD of MCPs can also occur after pontine hemorrhage and central pontine myelinolysis, not only pons infarction.
The study has determined that the 11 other children did not die of dengue but of other illnesses, including congenital heart disease, brain infection, pontine hemorrhage and cardiac arrhythmia.
seizures at onset of ICH are rare, reported at 5,62% of patients, especially in the frontal lobe hemorrhage and massive pontine hemorrhage
Distribution of the cases according to the location of the hemorrhage Cerebellar Hemorrhage 8 Ponto-Mesencephallic Hemorrhage 3 Mesencephalic Hemorrhage 3 Pontine Hemorrhage 10 Ventricular Hemorrhage 4 Occipital Hemorrhage 4 Temporal Hemorrhage 11 Parietal Hemorrhage 18 Frontal Hemorrhage 9 Thalamic Hemorrhage 32 Basal Nucleus Hemorrhage 58 Note: Table made from bar graph.
One notable case study discusses delayed neurological deterioration including worsening of dysarthria and ataxia several months after pontine hemorrhage (Menezes Cordeiro, Tavares, Reimao, Geraldes, & Ferro, 2013).
One of them died due to pontine hemorrhage which was detected on CT head.
The causes of death for the other four cases ranged from congenital heart disease, brain infection, pontine hemorrhage, and cardiac arrhythmia.