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Acronym for Purinethol (6-mercaptopurine), Oncovin (vincristine sulfate), methotrexate, and prednisone, a cancer chemotherapy regimen.
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Q. help with tingling in the hands amd numness

A. I have experienced the same conditions in the past on numerous occasions. The malady, more than likely, is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You should consult a neurologist for a diagnosis.

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In an act of breathtaking pomposity and nastiness, Zadari has made it an offence to make fun of him.
This was one of a catalogue of gaffes showing the judge's pomposity and ignorance.
But none can top the pomposity of those critics who say the tacky sale of her wedding to a glossy magazine is the ultimate example of the dumbing-down of Britain.
The pomposity of these tennis types knows no bounds.
ASSEMBLY members debated the issue of abortion on Monday with all the self-righteous pomposity of people who know that their opinions have no real cost.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer punctured the pomposity of Tory shadow George Osborne and gave Labour MPs every reason to expect great things from him as leader.
In his letter of May 31 it appears another writer, Richard Pritchard, has hit a raw nerve with reference to pomposity and he views it as a slight on hard-working EU neighbours.
I AM incensed by the utter pomposity of Ian Jones, chair of Middlesbrough Liberal Democrats, when he says that "Ultimately, real power lies with the people who vote" and "every vote matters.
POLITICIANS have replaced priests in the cross-hairs of comedian Pat Shortt's pomposity pistol.
And according to governor Jylkybaeyev, these openings are carried out with inappropriate pomposity. "If the kindergarten has been completed, then open it yourself, to receive children.
[Richard] Gordon's latest public display of bullying, pomposity and utter abuse of power, should be more than enough,' Faeldon said in his very urgent motion to resolve, which was submitted Tuesday morning.