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Fruit of Punica granatum (family Punicaceae), a reddish yellow fruit the size of a large orange, containing many seeds enclosed in a reddish acidic pulp; used in diarrhea for its astringent properties; the bark of the tree and of the root contains pelletierine and other alkaloids and has been used as a teniacide.
Synonym(s): granatum
[L. pomum, apple, + granatus, many seeded, fr. granum, grain or seed]


An essence which, in the pseudoscience of flower essence therapy, is said to enhance feminine warmth, creativity and a sense of nurturing.


n Latin name:
Punica granatum; parts used: bark, fruit, peel, roots, stem; uses: antibacterial, anthelmintic, abortifacient, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, sore throat, antimicrobial, diabetes; precautions: abortifacient, pregnancy, lactation, children, liver disease, asthma, carcinogenic, overdose can be fatal. Also called
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For each of those six pomegranate seeds you must spend one month of every year in King Pluto's palace.
Add 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon pomegranate juice (molasses) and 1 small hot pepper chopped fine or Tabasco sauce to taste.
A Reddit thread entitled "Discrimination against Pomegranates" was posted early Thursday with bizarre, widely ranging reactions: "I would leave single pomegranate seeds in places she might find, that trigger is just too good not to pull," read one comment.
Aim of present research was to assess total phenolics (TPC), total flavonoids (TFC) and punicalagin contents (PC) of pomegranate peels obtained from three different varieties for their application as nutraceutical ingredient in food preservation industry.
The pomegranate is valued for its delicious juice as well as its nutritive and therapeutic qualities.
Objective: To evaluate the effect of pomegranate peel extract with or without rosiglitazone on plasma glucose and lipid profile in insulin resistant diabetic rats.
Mohammad Al Riyami, a pomegranate and grape farm owner, told Gulf News he sold his entire harvest to a trader from the Nizwa province for 3,000 Omani rials (Dh28,508).
Pomegranate has a fresh, crisp taste, and is laden with nutrients and antioxidants.
The area is unique for unique plants and fruits, such as the high quality pomegranate, rose water, olives, nuts, almonds, apricot, beach, pears, plums, fig, grapes, lemon and Al Boot.
Drinking a daily glass of pomegranate juice significantly slowed the progress of prostate cancer for men in whom the disease recurred, according to a 2006 University of California study Evidence suggests that drinking pomegranate juice daily may help lower blood pressure, A 2004 Israeli study on patients with narrowing of the arteries found a daily glass of pomegranate juice over three years reduced the damage caused by cholesterol in the artery by almost half, and also cut cholesterol build-up.
They cover important cultivars, ecological needs, production, pomegranate pests, pomegranate diseases, weed management, physiological disorders, fruit thinning, harvest and fresh fruit processing, post-harvest biology and storage, aril production, juice production, pomegranates and health, and the pomegranate trade.