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(pō-mād', pō-mahd'),
An ointment or cream containing medicaments; usually used on the hair.
Synonym(s): pomatum
[Fr. pomade, fr. L. pomum, apple]

pomade (pō·mādˑ),

n a substance that comprises the fat that contains fragrant materials produced by enfleurage.
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Hair waxes and pomades used to style men's hair contain greasy wax-based ingredients that also clog pores, trap bacteria, and cause inflammatory breakouts.
Rub pomade on your fingers, then rake back hair from forehead to crown.
No Inhibition is a sophisticated hair styling line which consists of a number of products, from smoothing creams , styling gels and shaping pomades to moulding muds, modelling wax and texturizing foams.
Citre Shine Shine Miracle Glossing Pomade, Highly Laminating, ($3.
I wanted flashy Cuban heels, lots of quiffs and pomade, girls going wild.
In the early 19th century, men with moustaches would apply a scented pomade to their facial hair to make it hold its shape.
Run your fingers through to separate the curl then finish using a shine pomade and a strong fixing spray to hold.
Androgyny in rock is nothing new, from Little Richard's powder and pomade to that tightly corseted terror Marilyn Manson.
This process would continue until the pomade was supersaturated with the floral scent.