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(pō-mād', pō-mahd'),
An ointment or cream containing medicaments; usually used on the hair.
Synonym(s): pomatum
[Fr. pomade, fr. L. pomum, apple]

pomade (pō·mādˑ),

n a substance that comprises the fat that contains fragrant materials produced by enfleurage.
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No Inhibition is a sophisticated hair styling line which consists of a number of products, from smoothing creams, styling gels and shaping pomades to moulding muds, modelling wax and texturizing foams.
In a nutshell: OK production - who knew pomade was an available element in character development?
Run your fingers through to separate the curl then finish using a shine pomade and a strong fixing spray to hold.
Androgyny in rock is nothing new, from Little Richard's powder and pomade to that tightly corseted terror Marilyn Manson.
P&G is seeking to provide a one-stop-shopping solution for hair care: Now, women who buy Physique liquid hair care products -- including shampoo and conditioner, mousse, gel and pomade -- designed specifically for their hair type will have blow dryers and curling irons, as well as brushes, combs and other accessories, that have been optimized for them.
There were no calls for `swing Masses' featuring riffs from Benny Goodman and Fletcher Henderson, no committees seeking a moment during the Offertory when members of the congregation could present the gifts in a joyous rendition of the Charleston, no complaints that sermons failed to relate to the youthful anxieties that led young Catholic men to pomade their hair like Flash Gordon.
And there is the little sister who can't wait to get even by adding a touch of honey to her little brother's pomade.
The three segments: "Rocker," "New Classic Man" and "Sport," utilize three original American Crew styling products: Firm Hold Gel to create the foundation for the looks; Pomade for a high shine, medium hold finish; and Light Hold Texture Lotion used in the beards for ample amounts of gloss without too high of a shine.
He would patrol the three floors but his presence was always given away by the overpowering smell of his aftershave and pomade (yes pomade) so he was never able to catch us younger staff members up to no good.
The lid advertised "Scurf Pomade for the Hair", which sounds a bit self defeatist.
com Add a glossy, vintage finish with a touch of pomade to define your waves like Aveda Brilliant Pomade, PS17 (www.
Warm a tiny dab of pomade between hands and rake it through damp hair.