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multivalent; having more than one valence.
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1. Synonym(s): multivalent
2. Pertaining to a polyvalent antiserum.
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1. Chemistry
a. Having more than one valence.
b. Having a valence of 3 or higher.
2. Immunology
a. Having more than one site of attachment. Used of an antibody or antigen.
b. Containing antigens from more than one strain of a microorganism or virus. Used of a vaccine or serum.

pol′y·va′lence, pol′y·va′len·cy n.
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1. chemistry Having a combining power (valence) of more than one hydrogen atom.
2. Efficacious in more than one direction.
3. Any antiserum specific for more than one antigen or organism.
Synonym(s): polyvalent (1) .

pol·y·va·lent se·rum

(pol'ē-vā'lĕnt sēr'ŭm)
An antiserum obtained by inoculating an animal with several antigens or species or strains of bacteria.
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A total of 17 trains from Alstom's Coradia Polyvalent range have been ordered[2] by SNCF, financed entirely by the region of Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, to run on the Leman Express, Europe's largest cross-border rail network (45 stations, 230 km).
Night adder bite management includes the administration of the polyvalent antivenom.
Patented is an absorbent article comprising an absorbent core, the absorbent core comprising a primary water-absorbing agent wherein the primary water-absorbing agent apprises (i) water-absorbing resin particles obtained by polymerizing an acid group-containing unsaturated monomer; (ii) a compound that includes a constitutional unit derived from polyalkyleneglycol, that is different from the unsaturated monomer; and (iii) a polyvalent metal salt.
The institute will have adequate equipment to train specialized technicians with polyvalent skills, the source said.
A 20 ans, ce joueur de Sunderland, tres talentueux et polyvalent, est l'un des grands espoirs du football anglais.
This is substantiated if a paper disc with polyvalent H antiserum has been included on the plate, and a zone of inhibition can be seen around it.
According to Dorsky, "When you go into polyvalent editing, as Warren usually did,...
Poison-control centers typically keep such polyvalent antivenoms on hand rather than stocking vials of antivenoms geared toward each of the poisonous species in the area.
Among his topics are polyvalent subjectivity, self-affirmation in the Kiss Army, a local underground film scene, and futurama.
In addition, incorporating determinants of potential escape mutants into a polyvalent universal M2e vaccine would likely further impede emergence of escape mutants.
Beckham, whose views were translated from Spanish into English, praised Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann's "sobriety" and described Freddie Ljungberg as a "polyvalent".