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multivalent; having more than one valence.


1. Synonym(s): multivalent
2. Pertaining to a polyvalent antiserum.


/poly·va·lent/ (-va´lent) multivalent.


1. Chemistry
a. Having more than one valence.
b. Having a valence of 3 or higher.
2. Immunology
a. Having more than one site of attachment. Used of an antibody or antigen.
b. Containing antigens from more than one strain of a microorganism or virus. Used of a vaccine or serum.

pol′y·va′lence, pol′y·va′len·cy n.


denoting the capacity of an element to combine with two or more atoms.


1. chemistry Having a combining power (valence) of more than one hydrogen atom.
2. Efficacious in more than one direction.
3. Any antiserum specific for more than one antigen or organism.
Synonym(s): polyvalent (1) .

pol·y·va·lent se·rum

(pol'ē-vā'lĕnt sēr'ŭm)
An antiserum obtained by inoculating an animal with several antigens or species or strains of bacteria.


multivalent; having more than one valence.

polyvalent vaccine
see polyvalent vaccine.
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This poem echoes the consciousness of racial polyvalency expressed by Damas in Black-Label: "trois fleuves coulent dans mes veines" (three rivers flow in my veins).
As the emancipatory science of passion and discourse, psychoanalysis is "neutral" in as much as it "assumes" for each individual the omnipotentiality or polyvalency of our eroticism (our body's "drive dispositions"), the plurivocality or polysemy of our articulations (our enunciations or utterances of thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting), and hence the polymorphous potentiality of our sexual/gender differentiations (cf.
While Le devoir de violence clearly draws upon the European avant-garde tradition of radicalized, "unstable irony,"(23) it also suggests, through its deployment of a plurality of voices and investment of polyvalency within any given "voice," traditional West African connections between the heterogeneity and multidimensionality of language and a multiplicity of divine and natural forces that shape a complex, polyvocal reality.
The multidimensional analytical approach, then, is not an improvement of the heuristics of the model itself, but rather an instruction to the researcher of how to attain polyvalency in the course of it being employed.
The appearance of three contrasting approaches in Rabelais's work is not of itself surprising, since the polyvalency of his writing frequently leads either to frustration at the difficulty of arriving at definitive conclusions about his views or to a sense of liberation occasioned by the richness of interpretation which he offers.
to suppose that the intellectual condition defined by polyvalency, indeterminacy, constructivism, differance, and the ideological critique of knowledge, represents a radical initiative of our own day, prefigured by a few heroic pioneers like Saussure and Nietzsche" (xii).
As such, they provide models of discursive polyvalency without sacrificing an essential authority.
Judy Kronenfeld seeks to reexamine the assumptions about language which underpin both deconstruction and the various new historicisms, and to mediate between such concepts as infinitely regressive meaning, repressive hegemonic cultural codes, and unbounded polyvalency.
He locates literary excellence in polyvalency, consistency, originality, and self -referentiality These attract the sophisticated reader; Neuhaus's students at Bamberg, on the other hand, in their responses to questionnaires, seem often to confuse what they like and what they think they ought to like.
The polyvalency of language created by the interaction of readers with the text is, of course, the very aspect of language which keeps literature alive.
The claim for postmodernity is a relatively straightforward one and Travisano is persuasive, although his own readings of the poems tend to be biographically based rather than dependent on an acknowledgment of postmodern polyvalency, and his emphasis on the poets' losses and elegies qualifies any sense of postmodern play in their work.