Polymers of uronic acids (for example, glucuronic acid, galacturonic acid); the pectins are polyuronides.
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A bound form of silicon in glycosaminoglycans and polyuronides.
Huber D (1984) Strawberry fruit softening: the potential roles of polyuronides and hemicelluloses.
The observation of a wholesale flake precipitates indicating the presence of polyuronides.
Breakdown of polyuronides has been found to be started at mid-softening stages in fruits such as avocado and tomato, or during later stages of fruit softening in melon and peach (Brummell, 2006).
Softening of strawberry is mainly due to the presence of polygalacturonase which solubilizes and degrades the cell wall polyuronides (Huber, 1984; Nogata et al 1993).
Changes to physical properties of the cell wall and polyuronides in response to heat treatment of 'Fuyu' persimmon that alleviate chilling injury.
Stoichiometric depolymerization of polyuronides and glycosaminoglycuronans to monosaccharides following reduction of their carbodiimide-activated carboxyl groups.
This is because the POM-C or light fraction C, which is present as transient binding organic matter (polysaccharides, polyuronides, mucilages, microbial debris) and temporary binding organic matter (roots, fungal hyphae), disappears at a much faster rate than the whole SOM (Greenland and Ford 1964; Dalal and Mayer 1986d; Chan 1997).
The fast-relaxing subspectrum (47% of the signal) appeared to consist mostly of disordered/amorphous polysaccharides and polyuronides (carbonyl and O-alkyl peaks), protein (carbonyl, N-alkyl, and alkyl peaks), and lignaceous material.