polyuria test

Al·bar·ran test

a test for renal insufficiency, wherein the excessive consumption of water will cause a proportionate increase in the volume of urine if the kidneys are sound, but not if the epithelium of the secreting tubules is damaged.
Synonym(s): polyuria test
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polyuria test

An obsolete term for a test for renal insufficiency based on the consumption of large volumes of water.
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Albarran y Dominguez,

Joaquin Maria, Cuban urologist, 1860-1912.
Albarran bridge
Albarran cystoscope
Albarran glands - minute submucosal glands or branching tubules in the subcervical region of the prostate gland. Synonym(s): Albarran y Dominguez tubules
Albarran test - a test for renal insufficiency. Synonym(s): polyuria test
Albarran urethroscope
Albarran y Dominguez tubules - Synonym(s): Albarran glands
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