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As Goldsmith notes, the "modern" polypi are so simple in their cellular organization that they "may be multiplied by cuttings, and this to a degree of minuteness that exceeds even philosophical perseverance.
For at least a century, everyone had to specify which kind of polypi were currently in question; occasionally the ancient and modern types mingled happily, appearing together, for instance, in a plate to the 1824 American edition of Animated Nature.
The winnowing animals seem to be squid or octopuses, yet where polypi are unnumbered, they are unlikely to be enormous; and where they are enormous they are unlikely to be unnumbered.
Reamur's and Goldsmith's polypi are a different matter, less strange because more basic.
38) Cthulhu is an enormous cephalopodic creature, with dragon wings and a squidlike, tentacle-bearing head, waiting under the sea for his moment to rise once more and lead the other Old Ones, a band of unnumbered polypi, also slumbering within their appointed grottoes, in a cataclysmic sacking of the earth.