polypectomy snare

pol·y·pec·to·my snare

a wire loop device designed to slip over a polyp and, on closure, result in transection of the polyp stalk.
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Attempts of endoscopic fragmentation using mouse-teeth clamp and polypectomy snare were unsuccessful because of hard consistency of the bezoar.
The gastric phytobezoar was fragmented endoscopically with a standard oval 30 mm polypectomy snare and the transmission of high electric current flow (70 watts), in 5 cycles of 10 minutes each.
Equipment that should ideally be readily available for the procedure includes: rat tooth and alligator forceps, polypectomy snare, polyp grasper, Dormia basket and retrieval net.
It was successfully removed endoscopically with polypectomy snare (Figure 3).
After creation of the submucosal fluid bulging, the resection of lesion was performed using a monofilament rotatable polypectomy snare (Boston; 20 mm; output setting: cut 40 watts; coagulation 40 watts) without any complication (Figure 2).
Attempts were made to retrieve the foreign body with the biopsy forceps and a polypectomy snare without success.
(2) Newer techniques with variable success rates include dormia basket extraction, direct large channel endosopic fragmentation and aspiration, bedside Coca Cola lavage, water jet, forceps and polypectomy snare. (2) Endoscopic retrieval of smaller lesions, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, and endoscopy with utilisation of laser ignition or fragmentation with a bezotome have been suggested as alternative therapies.
Endoscopic ultrasound-guided drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts using a large-channel echoendoscope and a conventional polypectomy snare. Digestive Endosc 2003; 15: 323-8.
The children underwent flexible sigmoidoscopy under sedation, and the foreign bodies were retrieved by using a polypectomy snare or polyp retrieval basket.