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polyols (pol´ēôlz),

n.pl substances made up of two or more alcohols. See also sugar alcohols.
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CO2-based polyols are used to replace synthetic polyols, as they yield products with a minimal carbon footprint.
Medium and high functionality Novolac and Mannich CNSL polyols are recommended in rigid foam formulations to enhance flame resistance, compression strength and reduce cost of the overall formulation by minimizing the use of expensive catalysts and surfactants.
Converge polyols are designed to replace conventional petroleum-based polyether, polyester, and polycarbonate polyols.
The new polyol is used for the production of polyurethane foam, which is found in many everyday items, including upholstered furniture, shoes and automotive parts, and is also used to insulate buildings and refrigeration equipment.
Novomer has found that PU coatings incorporating its PC polyols have a unique feature that is lacking in PUs prepared from polyester polyols: a combination of hardness and flexibility.
2]), has announced the world's first large-scale manufacturing run of polypropylene carbonate (PPC) polyol, producing over seven tonnes of finished product.
The proposed SMPO and polyols plants will help strengthen Shell's global propylene oxide and polyols manufacturing capacity, boosting our supply to customers worldwide.
The challenge is to find an economically viable alternative to petroleum-based polyols that is renewable, versatile, inexpensive, and does not interfere with food supplies.
SPI Polyols' food business produces and sells specialty polyols, including crystalline sorbitol, crystalline maltitol, mannitol, specialty liquid polyols and liquid sorbitol for the food, beverage, confectionary, industrial, personal and oral care, and nutritional supplement markets.
The potential for soy-based polyols is considerable.
SPI Polyols, a Delaware-based chemical company, has selected voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology from Shoreline Communications to replace an Avaya Definity PBX and create a single, seamless telephone system that will connect almost 300 users across four U.
SPI Polyols is, a leading manufacturer of polyols in the Americas.