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Polyhydroxy alcohol; a sugar that contains many -OH (-ol) groups, such as the sugar alcohols and inositols.
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Market Research Future Published a Half-Cooked Research Report on Global Polycaprolactone polyol Market Research Report.
"We have reached a significant milestone with our CI 8 Polyol technology," said Rusty Pittman, chief commercial officer at Elevance.
Jeffol SG-360, a sucrose-based polyether polyol (OH content of 360 mg KOH/g), Rubinate M isocyanate (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate, NCO content of 31%) were purchased from Huntsman.
Generally, polyurethanes are made from long chin polyols with an average molecular weight (MW) of 200-10,000, chain extenders with a MW of 60-4000, and polyisocyanates.
The first comparison was between the epoxy primer and Resinate Materials Group (RMG) Polyol B polyester.
This means that the currently used Lupranol grades can be exchanged immediately, there is no need for elaborate tests or renewed approvals of the PU systems which are based on these improved polyol grades.
The adhesives were prepared under laboratory conditions using pMDI and various polyol compositions (Table 2).
Intermediate chemicals company Stepan Company (NYSE:SCL) reported on Thursday that the addition of a new reactor to the polyester polyol facility in Brzeg Dolny, Poland will be completed in mid 2016,
Once it had the catalyst, Bayer had to optimize the amount of C02that could be substituted for propylene oxide without degrading the properties of the polyol.
The B-side typically is a blend of several raw materials, including polyol resin, catalyst, flame retardants, blowing agents and additives, such as silicone surfactants.
8,658,142 B2; L'Oreal, Paris, has patented a cosmetic composition comprising: a polyester obtained by reacting tetraol, a linear or branched saturated monocarboxylic acid, a cyclic dicarboxylic acid containing from 6 to 12 carbon atoms; and an aromatic mono-carboxylic acid; at least one resin chosen from hydrocarbon-based resins; at least one hyperbranc hed polyol compound; (at least one non-volatile solvent chosen from monoalcohols; at least one co-solvent chosen from esters; optionally, at least one wax; and optionally, at least one colorant.