polymorphous perversion

pol·y·mor·phous per·ver·sion

1. in psychoanalytic theory, a child's variegated sexual activity and interests;
2. in general, the manifold perversions shown by an adult.
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Under pressure from a society increasingly devoted to measuring and explicating, she argues, "It is possible that the contraction of the vast field of polymorphous perversion to the more aerodynamically pared-back opposition of heterosexuality and homosexuality is related to the increasing requirement that sexuality take up a position inside the protocols of statistical representation and hence be expressible in terms of norms" (p.
A strange medley of melancholic loss of childhood innocence and blissful polymorphous perversion, Et range to chambre stages a duel between ego and id.
Among the controversial views proffered by Lacan in Encore the following ranks high: "L'acte d'amour, c'est la perversion polymorphe du male, cela chez ltetre parlant" [The act of love is the polymorphous perversion of the male, in the case of the speaking being] (Encore 68).