polymorphonuclear cell

polymorphonuclear cell (PMN),

a leukocyte with a multilobed nucleus, such as a neutrophil.
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One day later, fever resolved and the polymorphonuclear cell count was within normal limits.
Scholars have detected ALX on surfaces of respiratory tract epithelial, vascular smooth muscle cell, and polymorphonuclear cell, and GPR32 has been found to be expressed in airway epithelial, polymorphonuclear cell, fat cell, vascular smooth muscle cell, macrophage as well as renal interstitial fibroblast.
Amnion has shown an ability to form an early physiologic "seal" with the host tissue precluding bacterial contamination and multiple studies support amnion's ability to decrease the host immunologic response via mechanisms such as localized suppression of polymorphonuclear cell migration.
The analysis of patient data from 1,280 individuals in nine cohort studies also showed a polymorphonuclear cell count of greater than 60% nearly doubled the risk while the presence of grades IV-V vesicoureteral reflux was associated with a 22-fold increase in the likelihood of renal scarring, defined as presence of photopenia on a technetium Tc 99m succimer renal scan.
Hemogram revealed anemia and polymorphonuclear cell predominant leukocytosis (hemoglobin 8.
MIF is thought to be responsible for early polymorphonuclear cell activation and respiratory burst in severe trauma patients and correlates with higher morbidity [17].
The infection was considered resolved when all signs and symptoms of infection disappeared, a polymorphonuclear cell count in ascitic fluid decreased to <250 cells/mL, and ascitic fluid cultures were negative for bacteria.
This procedure consistently resulted in a highly purified (98%) and viable (95%) polymorphonuclear cell population, visualized with acridine orange [18] (1 mg/mL) diluted at 1:25 ratio and trypan blue exclusion stain, respectively.
Polymorphonuclear cell invasion into the joint cavity is one of the important factors in acute inflammatory diseases like osteoarthritis of knee.
Comparison of heparin with citrate anticoagulation in samples collected during hemodialysis showed that MPO concentrations (as a surrogate marker for polymorphonuclear cell degranulation) increased immediately in patients receiving heparin for anticoagulation but remained stable in patients receiving citrate for anticoagulation.

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