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vivax isolates collected from Chennai using a highly polymorphic genetic marker Pvmsp-3[alpha].
Linkage studies of over 500 individuals from 60 families mapped the gene for XLA to the midportion (Xq22) of the X chromosome, cosegregating with the polymorphic genetic marker DXS 178 (87.
Further studies employing highly polymorphic genetic markers are required to fully appreciate the diversification of these tribes and to understand the micro-evolutionary processes taking place therein.
Linkage informative content of polymorphic genetic markers.
This study, based on fingerprints obtained from eight polymorphic genetic markers, showed striking differences between the population structure of these species; a clonal C.
The Society provided Eurofins / Medigenomix with authentic samples of Aberdeen-Angus semen, which were tested with a number of selected polymorphic genetic markers.
The linguistic and ethnic assemblages of DG Khan and Bahawalpur populations are distinct and the present observation needs further elucidation through highly polymorphic genetic markers.
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