[pol″e-mi-kro´be-al] (polymicrobic [pol″e-mi-kro´bik]) marked by the presence of several species of microorganisms.
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Earlier availability of isolated colonies on agar plates is a distinct advantage of the lysis-centrifugation system especially in cases of polymicrobic septicaemia and enables the inoculum size to be standardized for organism identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing.
(7) Then, BV was acknowledged to have a "polymicrobic etiology."
Marchetti, "Evidence for polymicrobic flora translocating in peripheral blood of HIV-infected patients with poor immune response to antiretroviral therapy," PLoS One, vol.
Considering the severity of the clinical picture, the possible polymicrobic infection and the initial lack of efficacy of amoxicillin/clavulanic acid, we decided to use metronidazole in combination with a broad spectrum antibiotic such as meropenem.
Polymicrobic BCs with more than one contaminant species were considered as being a single contaminated BC.
Here we show that inhibition of the activity of GPx and catalase, two antioxidant enzymes, immediately after wounding generates chronic wounds containing spontaneously formed antibiotic-resistant polymicrobic bacterial biofilms.
Others have shown that microbial flora cultured from patients with venous leg ulcers with or without clinical symptoms is polymicrobic [16, 53].
Since the isolation of more than one organism from a single specimen of urine must always be interpreted with caution, and considering contamination, the patients whose culture results had polymicrobic bacteriuria samples were excluded from the study.
"We want to think about community-acquired pneumonia as a polymicrobic condition."
The sites of these infections typically contain polymicrobic mixtures of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
In five patients with UTI the infection was polymicrobic (TABLE IV)
Lipsky et al (1990) [11] and Wheat et al (1986) [12] in their studies have found that infection in the diabetic foot is polymicrobic with three to six organisms typically isolated per infection.